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Clint Chips & Cracks (Houston): Houston Windshield Repair, Auto Glass Repair in Houston, TX

Windshield Repair Houston in Houston, TX

Clint’s Chip’s and Crack’s is a one-stop shop for all types of windshield repairs in Houston, TX. A experienced professional preforms the repair while you wait and costs a whole lot less
than auto glass replacement. Call or visit our location to find out if your rock chip or windshield crack can be repaired.

Windshield Repair & Auto Glass Repair in Houston, TX

The types of damages that we repair are chips and cracks in the front windshield. We repair rock chips and cracks in the center, passenger, driver side and next to the edge of the windshield. Over time a chip or crack “especially a long crack” can get dirty and cause discoloration in the glass. So as soon as your windshield becomes chipped or cracked we recommend you place clear scotch tape over the damaged area.

Clint’s Chip’s and Crack’s Windshield Repair Video

Clint’s Chip’s and Crack’s Windshield Repair Prices

A single rock chip “big or small” is $20 to repair. 2 or 3 chips on the same windshield is $30. The cost to repair a small or large crack is $30. If you have many chips or cracks you can visit our location for a free windshield repair quote. Up front warranty on all work, if our repair “continues to grow” bring the vehicle back and we will fix it for free.

Clint’s Chip’s and Crack’s Windshield Repair Process

Basically we replace the air that is trapped between the chip or crack with clear acrylic resin. First we inspect the damaged area and clean around the outer layer of glass. We decide weather drilling is appropriate or not, because some repairs don’t need to be drilled. Load a few drops of our resin in to the pump, place pump on windshield and use vacuum and pressure until all air is removed, carefully filling the chip or crack completely with the acrylic resin. Remove pump and put tape over the damaged area, that will hold the glue in place until UV can cure the resin. Then once resin is cured we carefully scrape all tape and glue from the outer layer of glass. Clean up the windshield with glass cleaner and paper towels. The finished result is a strong, clear resin bonding the damaged glass back together. In some cases the damage can appear to be completely gone, but most cases there is still a slight blemish on the
outside surface of the glass and a transparent shape of the original damage.

Clint’s Chip’s and Crack’s Windshield Repair Business Information

  • Company Name: Clint’s Chip’s and Crack’s
  • Location: 8903 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77063
  • Phone: (832) 335-7386
  • Click Website: Windshield Repair Houston