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Auto Glass (Houston)

Auto Glass Houston: It is just a matter of time before your auto glass is broken. There is so many rocks on the roads! Gravel trucks are the worst when it comes to stone damages!

Auto Glass Houston

Winter is almost upon us, it is going to get cold outside and when you turn on the warm defroster an auto glass chip could suddenly crack out! Many vehicles that have received minor chips from pebbles are going to crack all the way across this winter. Have you noticed any small pits or minor nicks? If you have, now is the time to be worried. Many chips are out of sight around the painted section of the auto glass crack during the winter mounths.

Auto Glass Houston

Good news, you can repair it for practically penny’s on the dollar compared to the price of a replacement. Our auto glass repair service only takes 10-15 minutes and we warranty our work for the lifetime of the auto glass. If your interested in repair and want more information call Clint Norris at 832-335-7386.

Auto Glass Houston

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