Clint’s Glass (832) 335-7386 Offers Fast Auto Glass & Windshield Repair

Clint’s Glass (832) 335-7386 Offers Fast Auto Glass & Windshield Repair – Houston

Rock Chips & Long Cracks Are No Problem For Clint he can fix most windshields in just 10 minutes.

  • Location: 8903 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77063

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We 1st evaluate each vehicle, then we provide all available options as well as the best option. If repair service is not the right choice, we will tell you the truth. We operate a successful retail business, our tools, techniques and years of experience is what has kept us around since 1996.


Clint’s Chip & Crack – Houston Windshield Repair Does Rock Chips and Cracks in Windshields Since 1996.

Best windshield repair in Houston – when you have to get your   windshield repaired quickly we can do it in just minutes. I always give friendly service, really I help people over here. Very skillful and helpful, full of information and we do a great job on your auto glass. I have done many different repairs and am very experienced. I have fixed cracked and spreading damages thousands of times over the years. Tip: If you get a chip or a crack please put tape over it, till you can get it to me. That helps it look better, you do that and it works real well for any car. And you’ll see a big difference where it was. It’s a great service and would recommend to everyone, to first try windshield repair!

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    At Clint’s best windshield repair service he provides rock chips and cracks repairs so you won’t have too deal with a costly automotive glass replacement. He is certified and very experienced in fixing windshields damaged from rocks and stones. Located in a prime location in Houston. He stops the cracking process GUARANTEED!

    Do It TODAY!
    Lifetime WARRANTY!
    Cheaper Than REPLACEMENT!
    Saves You Big MONEY!

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  2. In Houston TX The Lone Star State! Your Not A Lone Any More! We are the auto glass company with over 10 years of experience, professional and qualified service, our goal is to help and serve all your auto glass repair needs.

  3. Most damages can be concealed so the vehicle can pass inspection and you won’t have too worry about getting a ticket. Our shop saves you time and money with out the worries of a faulty auto glass installation.

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