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A Quick Auto Glass Shop Video : Restore/Fix/Repair : Headlights & Windshields in Houston,TX

Video of Clint Norris: Fixing Windshields, Restoring Headlights, Repairing Rock Chips & Cracks at the Auto Glass Shop (Houston,TX) 832-335-7386

“Watch The Houston Windshield Repair Man Clint Norris in Action”

I create custom windshield repair and headlight restoration videos of all the services I preform at my location in Houston. (Check-Out My Videos on YouTube) If Your Searching to Get an Auto Glass Repaired or a Windshield Rock Chip Fixed on an Automobile in Houston? I do Repairs & I offer Headlight Cleaning Too! Call 832-335-7386 Talk to Clint Norris.

See How I Restore a Headlight: A Houston Promotion | Fast Auto Glass Repair & Cleaning Lights in Houston TX

A automotive glass repair shop video of a windshield repair, headlight cleaning service and see the windshield repairman in action. See how I use my tool box & tools to perform repairs and restoration services on automobiles. With the right tools, training and the processes developed over many years, you benefit at my auto glass shop in Houston.

Clint’s Auto Glass Repair Headlight Restoration & Fix Windshields in Houston, TX

At my service center I provide headlight cleaning and windshield rock chip repairs. I don’t want you too deal with an expensive auto glass replacement. I am very experience in the automotive field. I clean yellow, dim, faded, dull, scratched, hazy, dirty headlights. I fix scratched brake-lights, tail-lights, blinkers and plastic headlight lenses on automobiles in HOUSTON!

Repair it Today!
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Saves You Money!

  • Visit Clint in Houston for Auto Repairs Today
  • Your Headlight Dim? I Clean, Polish & Refinish
  • Clint Teaches Repair & Restoration Services
  • Location: 8903 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas, 77063
  • Phone: (832) 335-7386