Clean Headlight Restoration Service

Were Offering Headlight Restoration Houston for $60 (2 headlights) Restore your automotive lights today. We clean plastic headlights, fog lights, brake- lights, tail-lights and blinker-lights. It takes 30 minutes to 1 hour for most cars and trucks.

  • Restore it Today!
  • Saves You Big Time & Money!

We have all the tools and chemicals needed to perform headlight restorations. 

Watch a Restoration of Headlights at Shop in Houston, TX – $60 Service – Video

The restoration process includes:

  1. Re-surface the plastic lights: wet sand the faulty clear coat off with 3 or 4 different types of wet sandpaper, soap and water.
  2. Compound with a high speed professional buffer to buff scratches away.
  3. Wax with a high speed buffer to polish the lenses until there clear.

Before you buy a kit and try to do it yourself. Remember it’s hard work to restore headlights and the cost of a do it yourself kit isn’t much cheaper. It’s like a professional car wash, it cost a more to wash your car but it’s faster and you don’t have to get all dirty cleaning it. Our service will improve your vehicles value and it’s safer.