About Net-Work AD/Web Site Designing on 1st Page

The Internet is overwhelming, you have to be real intelligent to design a successful website that shows up on the 1st page of results. I have engineered a network of .net and .com sites with custom widgets, plug-ins, photos, videos, rss feeds, comments, categories, posts, tags and blogs with many articles. I have managed to read and under-stand all the source codes, and still I feel the need to dig deeper into the web! Only by developing more sites can I hope to one day be the web-site-designer-guru! The Internet is made up of many sites, my personal favorite is google. If you were to put the right word combo-nation in the right spot you too could be found on the first page of results. Oh yeah, you would have to link key words to the page too. Also pictures and videos from other websites could help you to create a first page article. If you want to read and study my designs your welcome to visit my websites. If your real lucky you might just figure out the solution.

While discovering the Internets secret key codes you will have to read a lot of articles and study many web-pages. Learning about webdesign is very tricky, just when you think you got it, you find out, there is so much you need to learn!

I could start you in the right direction by posting to advertising websites, with a special article that could jump start you on the Internet. I can create custom logos, pictures and videos with descriptions and post listings that point to your website!